GTD (Getting Things Done)

I’m a “GTD” geek. After reading David Allen’s popular and successful “Getting Things Done” book, I have been following his methods, and have been so much more productive in life, and work. Here’s a link to the basic definition:

It basically boils down to using a method to “capture” stuff for your todo lists, for later tagging, organizing, and estimating time to complete. I use both paper, and computer:, and I wanted to write a quick post for the application I use, and a small applescript program I wrote to use my current method of getting things in my todo “Inbox” (via Quicksilver: for later organizing. Here it is:

— Begin
using terms from application “Quicksilver”
on process text theText
tell application “The Hit List”
tell inbox to make new task with properties {title:theText as
Unicode text}
end tell
end process text
end using terms from
— End

When you are done, you name the script TheHitList.scpt or what ever
you want, place it in:

~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions/

(Making the Actions folder if not already there), and place the script
in there. Close THL, Close Quicksilver and relaunch both. Then,
invoke Quicksilver, press the . put in the todo text, press TAB,
Press T and your script should show up in the list, press enter, and
you are done. A very quick way of getting data into the inbox for
processing when you have time.

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