Twitterpated for 2009-03-15

  • Downloading the FREE Phish concerts. Can’t wait to hear “A Day in the Life”. #phish #
  • RT – I support Woz! #votewoz on DWTS. Premieres tonight – Live 2 hour event! 8/7c #
  • Wohoo! it’s still light out, and I am getting out of work. this is nice. #
  • LT and Woz are on DWTS, and so is Big Bang Theory, How I met you Mother, and 2-1/2 Men. Time to record. #
  • “Role Models” unrated is coming out soon! Saw the rated version in the theater, and could not stop laughing. Can’t wait to see the unrated #
  • Me thinks Rush Limbaugh is back on the Oxycontin. He has not other excuse. #
  • Grand Central is now Google Voice #
  • Happy Pi day 🙂 #

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