Motorola’s Droid 5 is the droid I’ve been looking for..

EDIT: The specs don’t look so swell… only 1GB of RAM. However, there’s still a SD card, and the internal SD memory is reported at 16GB which isn’t too bad. The only thing that has me possibly waiting is the 1GB of RAM. All the new phones are coming with 2GB, and with Chrome alone usually taking up all my memory, I’ll need the 2GB.

I really could care less for the iPhone, or the new Moto-X. I need a real keyboard on my phone, for *real work*. Sure the on-screen keyboard is ok for a quick text, or posting to twitter, but when I need to get real work done, I cannot work with something that that is sometimes two or three clicks, just to get a symbol. I use SSH a lot for work, and trying to use that with the on-screen keyboard hurts. Sliding out my keyboard on my Droid 4 also gives me a *lot* more screen space to work with – the on-screen keyboard takes up a lot of space, causing me to scroll, just to see what one line of output from a command is. I really hope the Motorola Droid 5 rumors are true.

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