Microsoft needs to split up the company

I’ve thought MS should split their company up for a while, and now with Steve Ballmer moving on, it’s perfect timing.  They’re an enormous company.  Complacency has set in, and that’s as bad as cancer metastasizing. 

Ballmer’s comments about the iPhone never taking off showed how complacent they have become.  Thinking they are too big to fail, and because of their monopoly, the receivables continued to pour in.  Why change?  Dynasties fail because the smaller guy is always hungry, and they want a piece of the pie.  Microsoft has so much pie that their just not hungry enough.

So, split up the pie, and don’t give each department very much.  Keep their budgets what start-up’s have.  Seriously.  You will never get real innovation from someone who has all their needs met.  They need to *work* for something.  Call in the execs from the golf course, and have them do some real work.  No bonuses either.  They don’t deserve them.  Way too much money has been lost, along with market share.  Keep them lean and hungry – then you’ll see some innovation.    

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