New Subaru Impreza



I’m back in the Subaru family. I picked up my new Impreza on Monday afternoon, and have liked it more every day this week. It’s “Camellia Red”, which is a deep red, and I’m told the first year Subaru has offered that color. No leather interior, which is the only disappointment with the car.

It’s extremely fun to drive, and very safe. 5 speed manual (of course) with a very interesting “Hill Top Start” feature — when you have both the brake and the clutch engaged on an incline, as you release the brake, the car automatically keeps the brakes on so you don’t roll backwards! I didn’t believe it until I read it in the manual. I have never even heard of that feature before. It does come in handy, and will probably save some wear and tear on the clutch. I used to use the handbrake in some situations, but now my car will just take care of things for me.

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