Twitterpated for 2010-05-30

  • Getting rid of the Audi tomorrow for a Subaru. looking under the hood at the engine layout in the subie, makes for much easier repairs. #
  • One more thought about Audi's: Yes, extremely fun to drive, and the best cockpit ever, but you better have a *lot* of $$ for repairs. #
  • What I paid in total for repairs on the Audi, could have bought the Subaru in cash. No kidding. Have the receipts. Worst. decision. ever. #
  • RT @RussertXM_NBC: Guinness IS good for you: Irish ingenuity benefits the world once again. #fb #
  • RT @GPappalardo: Dear BP,

    GIANT bottle of Dawn.

    Your Welcome. #

  • RT @Alyssa_Milano: I want a world where we take care of each other and our beautiful planet. One people. One planet. One love. #
  • So how come Google's Orkut doesn't carry over my Google profile data? #
  • I'm installing, or should I say, attempting to install SCO 5.0.5 in a VMware Fusion VM. Good thing for Tony! http:/… #
  • Does anyone know if McDonalds is still a big SCO customer or did they switch to Linux or some other *nix? I wish VMware would support SCO. #
  • Bit by DRM: wanted to burn a MP3 CD of my iTunes purchases, but "Fair play" won't let me. It's for my car, not a blanket out front! #
  • Time to break out my Requiem copy protection removal dedicated computer. I just want to play the songs I paid for in my car! #
  • RIP Dennis Hopper. #
  • RT @GPappalardo: They should play Benny Hill music in the background when BP gives their press conferences. #fb #
  • Nobody should be able to get $ for being stupid. RT @llsethj: If Google told you to jump off a cliff, would you? #fb #

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