One sick family…

We *ALL* succumbed to the stomach bug. Abbey was the latest victim, up all night vomiting. Amelia has been fighting it since Sunday, and I started things off on Friday. Holly seems to have faired the best, with no vomiting. I wish I could say that. It started off with indigestion, and it quickly moved to trying to exit the body, in the fastest manner possible. I was also struck with fever, chills, and the usual body aches and pains. Not fun.

I am staying home with the kids on Wed, since Holly took off Monday. Amelia seems to be turning the corner, and Holly and I feel fine now, but Abbey still has a fever, and will be staying home from school tomorrow. We are keeping Amelia home too, so she is not around added germs.

Hope nobody else catches this bug, but the good thing is, that it only stays with you for about 36-48 hours, and then it is gone. It comes on very fast, so if you are feeling indigestion, and maybe a little tired, get to the lavatory asap.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Long, long day taking care of the kids. Amelia wanted to be held just about all day. Can’t do very much with a baby that wants to be held all day. Abbey watched way too much TV, but she was pretty sick, so we will let it go. Holly’s turn tomorrow. I have cabin fever.

  2. Bruce says:

    Can’t wait to bust out of sick bay.

  3. Bruce says:

    Looks like Holly got the kids out of the house today. Man, another day of having Abbey zone in front of the TV was going to turn her brain to mashed potatoes.

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