The Giants win Superbowl 42 in an UPSET!

I wrote to the NY Giants back after the loss to Minnesota, back in November, and basically said that “I believe in Eli”. I asked that other Giants fans help Eli get back up when he gets knocked down, instead of booing. NY fans are tough. Real tough. We expect instant results, and in todays age, this is not uncommon. A kind of selfishness, in the pursuit of a win. Eli is not like that. Eli keeps a calm, composed demeanor, and doesn’t do any knee jerk reactions to situations. NY fans can learn a lot from Eli. Other fans can learn a lot from Eli, and what he and the NY Giants were able to accomplish this season.

The media had written off the Giants, before the game was even played. Hell, I knew the Giants could win, but I didn’t really expect it. Then, throughout superbowl week, I began to believe even more and more, and after hearing some of the cocky, arrogant stories I heard coming from the Patriots, I really wanted this win bad. I am sure the Giants wanted it even more, based on their relentless play. I heard stories of Patriots players inviting Giants players to post superbowl victory parties. I heard the laughing of Tom Brady when Plaxico Buress said the Patriots would only score 17 points. I heard about the trademark 19-0 season; all of this before the game was even played!

Osi Umenyiora played the talk game well. He wore a shirt that simply said “Shut up and play!” Earlier in the week, Osi had said some things about the Patriots Matt Light playing dirty, and then apologized and dawned the shirt which said it all for the Giants, and the Patriots.

The fire and heart that the Giants played with, was something I have never seen before. Ahmad Bradshaw was carrying people on his back in true grit determination. Brandon Jacobs bowling ball style running, sent many Patriot players back on their bottoms. And the defensive front four of the Giants – which I think were the MVP’s of this game – Osi, Justin, Michael, Barry, and Freddie!! – WOW! – yes, a couple of those guys come in from the bench, and were fantastic. Each play, they played with fire, passion and unrelenting determination to dominant the offensive line of the Patriots, which had three pro bowl picks. The Giants only had one Pro Bowl pick on their entire team; Osi.

When the defense started to suck air in the fourth quarter, I started to get nervous. Welker was having his way with the backers, and running all over the place. But, the db’s never let the Patriots break the big play. They kept the Patriots in front of them, and made good tackles. Which brings me to why does AP fall back into deep coverage sometimes? I know our D. knows what to do, but everytime I see a LB, covering a WR, I get nervous.

Now it is time for a storybook ending, Eli style. Cool as can be, and where Eli really shines, and actually makes me feel a little comfortable. The offense must also feel comfortable with Eli taking the snaps, when the game is on the line. I really think Eli is headed down the road of a Joe Montana, John Elway, and the other greats who mount the comebacks in the last two minutes of a game. He certainly has the right stuff running through his veins, when it matters the most.

I am going to try like Hell to get to NYC tomorrow for the parade. I have to. This stuff doesn’t happen often, and it is history! The last time I celebrated was in 86, and I was in the 9th grade. I couldn’t celebrate against the Bills, since I was in the Air Force, and headed to the Persian Gulf that game. I have to get to NYC!

Thank you, NY Giants!

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  1. Bruce says:

    Parade in NYC starts at 11, then at 2:30 everyone will be at Giants Stadium!

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