Twitterpated for 2009-07-05

  • Billy Mays is dead. Seems to be a lot of celebs dying lately.. #
  • So, I think it rained less when I lived in the UK. Glad I don't sell sunglasses for a living. But, umbrella business is great 🙂 #
  • Why does Apple's have the option for editing a Draft message called "Send Again?" Shouldn't it be something like "Edit Draft?" #
  • Any #Mac #OSX users notice that #Safari 4 will sometimes close the whole window, when you are closing some tabs (even if there are tabs left #
  • Another one of my MUST HAVE Mac apps. scrolls OSX windows like an iPhone: smooth. Many other features as well: #
  • Good news for Al Franken! #
  • Yea! Soundboard from Ambrosia SW has been released: #ambrosiasw #
  • The number of "Flash Flood" weather watches I have gotten via Weather Bug over the past month or so, is out of control. #
  • re: Senator Franken ..odds that Bill O'riely has loofahed his body completely bloody and raw 1 to 1,000,000,000. (via @SamSeder) #
  • These almost constant downpours are getting depressing. There is hope for the weekend, though! I could use a few doses of Vitamin-D 🙂 #
  • Came into work for 4 hours today – time to go enjoy the weekend, and take in a few doses of Vitamin-D, from that strange orb in the sky. #
  • Way to tough it out, when the going gets tough, Sarah! What great leadership skills. #

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