Twitterpated for 2009-08-16

  • The Conservative Pledge mixing a vow of stupidity with email mass marketing. (via @SamSeder) #
  • Why do Safari updates require a reboot? Can't you just send a SIGHUP to any processes running that require restarting after being updated? #
  • Man, my internet speed is smoking – got the whole 40 some odd MB's in about 7 seconds!! I only pay for 20Mbit, but that was easily 60! #
  • Google's Picasa UI is *SO MUCH* better than flickr and facebook. One thing I have always loved about Google is their UI design using KISS. #
  • KISS is a priciciple (similar Occams Razor) Which simply means "Keep It Simple Stupid" or that last S can translate into other language 🙂 #
  • I meant 'principle' in my last post – (trying to do too many things at once here) #
  • If you don't have a Google Voice account yet, SIGN UP NOW!! #
  • Yea – the Safari update seems to have fixed the CMD-W Tab closing the whole window issue! Thanks, Apple! #
  • OFF to Davis' Farmland today… #
  • STOP RACISM: Call on advertisers to drop sponsorship of Glenn Beck #fireglennbeck (via @Alyssa_Milano) #
  • The end of SPAM false positives? (WARNING: uber geeky stuff here) #
  • Thinking of getting Abbey, and Amelia a NY Giants item from Alyssa Milano's "Touch" line of clothing. Hope there are kids sizes.. #
  • BREAKING: Bob Dylan Detained by NJ Police (via @JasonCalacanis) BG: What is it with NJ police? #

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