Twitterpated for 2009-08-23

  • Working off an image of my MBP on my iMac. Two completely different computers, and it booted right up. No complaints. Try that in Windoze #
  • Let's go GMEN! – make some noise tonight! Time to see who want's to play football. #nygiants #
  • "I walk around in the summertime saying; how 'bout this heat!" – Denis Leary #
  • mightier than? (RT @jonshea) (via @expandrive) #
  • The A/C in the server room is acting up again, and I'm on call this week. 🙁 At least we now have a spare that I can crank up. #
  • The NY Giants looked great in pre-season. Osi is back! Bradshaw and Ware both did well. Lot's of depth at RB again. WR is an issue… #
  • Using my iMac with "Scary RAID" (RAID-0) is quite pleasant. Extremely fast. Wish this iMac had eSATA. FW800 is nice though. #
  • Opera Unite: A web SERVER inside a web browser.. Interesting… #
  • I'm subbing for @TheYoungTurks check it out here at 7pm ET tonight and tomorrow (via @SamSeder) #
  • Are you a new Mac user that want's the green circle to work like the maximize button in Windows? #

  • Don't try this at home #fb (via @DaveHamilton) #
  • The Xbox failure rate is 54% which is inline with Microsoft's other BU's. MS should just keep copying Apple as model #
  • Great to hear @hotdogsladies on MBW again. Merlin is so damn funny, insightful, and has great taste in music. Thanks, man… #
  • I forgot to take my Zyrtec this morning, and I feel like digging out my eyes (they itch) Is it allergies, or am I dependent on the Zyrtec? #
  • Nothing like an Apple ][ Castle Wolfenstein reference to wrap up the workday. Schweinhund! (via @DaveHamilton) #
  • Some General Tips for Switch to Mac From Windows (From Walt Mossberg of the WSJ) #
  • Apple has some great screencasts on Mac basics – especially for past Windows users:
    =switcher #

  • Some more tips for past Windows users, freed from the MS deathgrip: #
  • The best tip I can personally offer for recent switchers is: BACKUP!! The hardware is the same on both Win/Mac, and Hard Drives fail! #
  • Remember, Data does not really exist until it is in THREE locations (One being off-site or online). Your hard drive *will* fail. No doubt. #
  • Plaxico Buress: I hope you realize that the Mara family is there to help. They are great people. I wish you the best of luck.. #
  • Celebrating 40 years of UNIX! (via @usenix) #
  • Woa.. Tornado watch until 2100 EST. The WX is pretty nasty right now. #
  • #winMBP @taptaptap is giving away a $5999 ColorWare STEALTH MacBook Pro to celebrate launching Convert for iPhone! #
  • David Pogue of The NYTimes is leading the "Take Back the Beep" campaign. *EVERYONE should look at this, and take part. #
  • My laptop is on its way back from Apple Care in Houston, TX. Although Mac's cost a little more, at least an American has a job! #
  • How's the support for those HP laptops from Asia working for people? From the latest Consumer Reports, people don't like PC support so much #

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