Twitterpated for 2010-02-28

  • US mens hockey team looking good. Fun game to watch. #
  • Installed a curling game for my phone to learn the rules. #
  • RT @DaveHamilton: RT @donmcallister: Busy morning for ATC! #
  • RT @johnfbraun: Terrorism suspect is not tortured, yet admits guilt and cooperates. Over to you, Dick Cheney. #
  • RT @GPappalardo: And Dick Cheney is in the hospital again because of an alleged "Heart". #
  • The videos floating around with the @HTC Eris running 2.1 and Sense UI have me really wanting @Verizon to push this OTA Update! #
  • How many people purchased the @Verizon @HTC Droid Eris based on "It will be updated real soon now" (Back in November)? #
  • Exactly! RT @johnfbraun @bgarlock i wish there were more that didn't always vote with the party, and voted to do the right thing. #
  • There's also RIL: RT @SamSeder I am loving @instapaper — I usually have ten tabs open of stuff to read soon- no more #
  • Just to throw some security fear into smartphone users: BTW: Rootkits are the worst. Very hard to detect. #
  • RT @htc: Droid Eris got a price drop at @BestBuy. On contract it's now the low low price of…$0. #
  • Well, the cleaning crew just left, and reminded me to "lock up". Gotta love those unexpected dependencies! #fb #
  • How's the USA men doing? I've been locked at my desk all night… #
  • Cosign! RT @1capplegate: If this is really @conanobrien on twitter, then my life is complete!!! Coco! Coco! Coco! (via @Alyssa_Milano) #
  • USA men get a shutout from Miller! NICE! #fb #
  • The best thing about the page: NO FLASH!! Thank you, @macheist RT @MacHeist: Damn, this is a big load. #
  • – Some more of my favorite tweeps 🙂 #
  • I'm a lucky dad: Abbey's going to be in her first play 🙂 Can't wait. #fb #
  • I scored 80/100 on the Pew Research Center How Millennial Are You? Quiz #
  • If you don't use DNS security, your asking for it RT @DarkReading: Comcast goes with DNSSEC, OpenDNS doesn't: #fb #
  • Why don't they wait a day to do the medal ceremony for team sports? Kind of tough for team USA to hang around for that.. #fb #
  • The hockey this Olympics has been spectacular. Both then and women. I'm real happy that the womens hockey has really taken off. #fb #

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