Twitterpated for 2010-03-07

  • Kane and Kessler are all over the ice… #
  • Luongo is giving up a lot of rebounds – US needs to crash the net more! #olympics #
  • The US gets the most chances when a defensemen gets involved in the play … as long as he gets support from a wingman.. #olympics #
  • Disappointed with the loss for the US, and happy for Canada. It’s just so tough that the US has to hang around for the medals… #olympics #
  • Ryan Miller is an outstanding goalie – nothing to be ashamed of with his performance. #olympics #
  • AT&T ditches Google for Yahoo, and Apple sues @HTC for 20 patent violations. @HTC is the hardware manufacturer, so it’s not Android? #
  • I could use it. RT @jrricarte: got 2.1 firmware update for droid eris anyone want it #
  • Installed the leaked 2.1 ROM on my Eris, and life is wonderful! No bugs that I can see. Much more responsive phone now. #
  • #Google gmail very slow for me today. Maybe they need to add a “turtle” icon to the Apps Status Dashboard #
  • Nice! RT @jsnell: My kids are loving Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network. Old school. #
  • “Caddyshack” is on VH1 now. I still quote it daily. “You’ll get nothing and like it!” “Cannonball it!” #fb #
  • RT @Humble83: Antrell Rolle New York Giant!!!! Yessir! It’s all about tha “[]_[]”. #
  • RT @google: As @gadgetlab notes, Popular Science (@popsci) has put 137 yrs of content online via @googlebooks #
  • – at the #

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